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I'm Just Waiting For My Mom!

This story was emailed to me by one of my mom's friends, Angela Sampson and it's another great example of a "Carol Story".

Read on....and thanks Angela!

"I had gone to JFK airport to pick up Carol.

As I was pulling up to the curb to wait for her of course a security person comes up to me and says "Ma'am, You can not stay here!"

So I said to the guy "Sir I am waiting for my mom - and I see her right there."

But of course Carol wasn't even in my sight, but when you pretend to see someone, other people will just say "Oh yeah I see them", so they are probably saying to themselves this person is crazy and she is seeing things.

So I must have said to this security person about five times I see her.

Then finally Carol was walking to my car and I yelled out to her "Mom I am over here!"

So of course Carol played along and started to talk the security guard and saying "Thank You for letting my daughter wait here for me" ,

(ok here it comes...Carol wasn't going to let this opportunity get away without saying anything else)

She proceeded to tell the security person that she was 11 years old when she had me. His response was _______ (that's right) nothing at all!

His mouth was wide open.

She gets into my car, opens the window and says to the guy "You have a nice day!".

His mouth was still wide open and there is Carol waving goodbye to him."

Angela Sampson

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