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What is there really to say about Carol?

She was a loving mother.

A loving sister and aunt.

A devoted grandmother.

And a dear friend to all that knew her.


She wasn't rich. She didn't have the nicest house or the newest car.

But she had an overabundance of love.

Her life was filled with love and that is her legacy.




I guess in the end, that's the best you could ever hope for.


I love my mother.

I miss her every second of every minute of every day.


I live with a crippling sense of guilt that I didn't do enough for her

or see her enough while she was alive.


Which is something anyone that knows me

would completely disagree with.


I spoke to her frequently and saw her often.

If there was anything she needed or wanted

that I could provide for her, I did so without question.

I did my best to never disappoint her.


But to me, it's still not enough.

It will never be enough.

There will always be a part of me that screams out in

pain that I could have / should have done more.


And when that happens, the loudest voice

I hear is my mom's.

And she's saying, "Mikey, don't make a fuss".


That's the best way I can describe my mom.

She loved you. You loved her.

That was all she needed. All she ever really wanted.


And I can take a small amount

of comfort knowing

she had it.


She still has it.


She will always have it.



So what do you really need to know about Carol?

She was loved.









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