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Stuff From The Park

A friend of mine named Matterhorn (no, not his real name) runs a blog

called "Stuff From the Park" that discusses, details and posts images and stories

from theme parks such as Disneyland, Disneyworld, Universal Studios, etc.

It's a great blog and well worth a read. His encyclopedic knowledge of these parks, some long gone, is truly staggering.

While looking through some old photo albums, I came across a series of pictures

of my mom and dad at an old amusement park called "Freedomland" that

used to be located in the Bronx where Co-Op City now resides.

Knowing Matterhorn's love and expertise on the subject matter, I scanned a few pictures and emailed them over to him. He in turn asked if he could post them

on his blog for his readers to enjoy.

I told him I would be honored if he did.

And now, here for you're reading and viewing enjoyment is:

Thank you again to my good friend Matterhorn.

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