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In Memory of Carol Versandi

Hello and thank you for stopping by.

I'm not really sure how to start, so I guess starting at the beginning is as good a place as any.

My name is Michael Versandi.

Carol Versandi was my mother and this blog is dedicated to her memory.

I wish I could say that this website was nothing more then just an online portal for friends and family to come together and share stories or fond memories.

Don't get me wrong. It is - and that's what I plan on using it for, but it's also a place for me to try and begin to put the pieces back together and heal.

Carol Versandi wasn't just my mother, she was my closest friend.

We didn't call each other every single day or share intimate details of each other's lives. But she was my friend and I miss her more then I could ever possibly hope to describe.

Her death, sudden and completely unexpected, has left a gaping hole inside me. The loss isn't just tremendous, it's total.

There are moments when the sadness I feel is overwhelming.

And there are moments where I feel as though I am literally suffocating with grief.

But it's my hope, that this site, talking about my mom, sharing stories and keeping her memory alive, will somehow put me on the path to being whole.

I promise you that not all these stories and posts will be sad.

Matter of fact, most of them will be funny and uplifting.

Some will be funny, some will be poignant and some will make you blush.

Some will have a moral and others will be meaningless.

But they will all be 100% true to Carol's spirit.

My mother always said, "Michael, don't make a fuss"….but today, I'm making a fuss.

And I'm sure she would be ok with that.

Ok, let's make a fuss.

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