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This next story comes from my cousin, David Annunziata.

Thank you Dave for sharing this.

If you knew our family, there was one thing -for one day -that was set in stone….

We somehow were getting together for thanksgiving!

It was to be at Aunt Carols house…

Once there we were to say what we were thankful for.

We were going to have the world’s best French onion soup,

followed by course after course after course.

Which sort of ties into my past blog about the walk of shame Mike and myself would do from the basement with a tray of topless cupcakes because we ate all the “fruit goop” off of them..(you can read that story by clicking here)


Now there is no talk of that day!

No talk of our day!

It is the proverbial gorilla in the room or pink elephant whichever floats your boat!

No one wants this day to come I know for damn sure I don’t

It was us, at least for one day we shared what we are or were grateful for.

Well Aunt Carol,

I am grateful for you and to have had you here with me for 44 ½ years of my life

And forever I am grateful in my heart.

If I can speak for all of us, I would love to say THANKS for GIVING us all that amazing woman…..


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