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Hey Gimp

This story comes from my mom's friend Ginny about how they first met.

...take it about Ginny!

" I met Carol after taking a job in the very early 90's.

When I applied for the job I was on crutches and had not been given the green light from the doctor to start work. This job held the position open for me based on my background

in previous positions working with the current phone company -which at that time was still NY Telephone.

The company was Eagle, a phone service company installing phone systems and maintaining them. They were tied to the manufaturing of Eagle Phones and also an agency for the actual phone company.

So my first day I hobble into the office with a brace on my leg.

I meet Carol.....she was friendly, teasing and just very nice.. some called her "Lorac"

That is Carol spelled backwards and due to the computers there, there was already another Carol already set up... so "Lorac", which yes, was Carols idea.

I think I was heading to the little kitchen in the back for some coffee.

I asked the other ladies in the office if they wanted anything.

Carol turns and looks at my leg with the brace and says

"Gimp, could you carry? Cause if you could I would love a cup of coffee"!!!

I must say we had so much fun in this office.

Why so much fun at work?

Don't get me wrong, we were a very busy service department.

We had technicians calling in, customers calling in, printing tickets, taking service calls, dispatching technicians and Carol could run circles around the best of us. No one knew the city better than Carol. She would tell you when she worked on the "old" switchboard.

She was a wealth of knowledge and could answer any question easily. BUT Carol had such a way about her! You would do a double take and say did she just say that??

And she would catch your look and laugh....oh her laugh was infectious too!!

We did our job and while doing it, Carol made it fun.

The customers loved Carol, and the jokes she played on them~ we did have lots of fun years....... "Eagle, we're closed for 2 weeks".... will never forget her answering the phone in her hospital room with her broken blood!! So the only regret is that we never rescheduled that canceled lunch and I got to see you one last time~

Virginia "Ginny" Wilson

Thanks and Love ya Ginny!

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