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A Typical Conversation

Here's a perfect example of what a typical conversation with my mom was like.

A little backstory first...

My brother is in the Navy and is stationed in Belgium.

In the summer of 2013, he had to undergo some fairly serious surgery.

Although stationed in Belgium, the surgery needed to be performed

in a hospital in Germany. And since my brother would need weeks of

recovery time, my mom took it upon herself to fly to Belgium and drive my brother back and forth to Germany. Not only for the procedure, but for the necessary follow ups as well. All in all it would be 4 back and forth trips between Belgium and Germany.

Now, that in and of itself is pretty damn hilarious if you've ever watched my mom drive...or were unfortunate enough to be stuck driving behind her.

She was the typical cute "little old lady" driving well below the speed limit...probably with her right blinker stuck in the on position...listening to WOR 710 Talk Radio.

In fact, she was the only person I know that was able to guilt trip other drivers into slowing down.

So the idea that my mom was driving on the Autobahn, a highway famous for having no federally mandated speed limit, is pretty damn entertaining. At least to me anyway.

So after my brother's surgery I sent my mom an email on Facebook. All I wanted to know was how he was doing.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is her complete and unedited response.


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