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Hot Coffee

This next story comes from one of my mom's best friends, Cheryl Vogel.

Cheryl knew my mom longer then most. Over 30 years. They've worked together, hung out together, got into trouble together (probably because of something my mom did) I'm sure she has got volumes of good stories! Here's one to get us started.

Thanks Cheryl!

30 some-odd years ago I worked with Carol at Eagle Phone Company.

We had met when we worked together at Telecom and since we had become good friends, when she took a job at Eagle I followed.

Anyone who knew Carol knows she loved to get a reaction out of people.

She didn’t like things to be straight-laced, but preferred them to be a little crazy.

If a situation was boring, she created something to make it fun

for herself and everyone around her.

One day in the office we were making coffee and she was badgering me about something, going on and on about something I don’t remember.

I simply remember her going “Cheryl…Cheryl…Cheryl...” over and over again and intentionally trying to drive me crazy. Holding the coffee pot in my hand, I threatened her, “If you don’t stop I’m going to dump this on you!” Needless to say, Carol did not stop. So I took the coffee pot (filled with cold water) and dumped it on her!

Anyone else might have been agitated by this, putting an end to the fun.

But not Carol…. She laughed and laughed, thrilled that she had gotten that reaction from me. She told everyone in the office that I had poured hot coffee all over her and for the rest of her life, she introduced me to everyone she met by saying “This is my friend Cheryl who dumped hot coffee on me.”

To this day my daughters, now in their twenties, still believe Carol’s version of the story: I poured a “scalding” pot of coffee over her head and she stayed friends with me anyway.

Cheryl Vogel

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