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My Aunt Carol

The thing I remember most about my Aunt Carol are the little trips we used to take.

My Grandma Terry would take me out to Long Island for a visit and we would spend the whole afternoon swimming together.

Aunt Carol loved to swim and I loved to swim with her.

I remember when I was a little girl, Aunt Carol would always take me to the beach or to the park or to Chuck E. Cheese's and let me play for hours!

Going on the rides, playing all the games, collecting tokens to win prizes!

But most of all, I loved that when we got back to her house, she would let me play on the big green dinosaur she had in her bedroom!

I would climb on it and pretend it was a real dinosaur and "ride" it around – even though it didn't really move.

These are the things that I remember most about my Aunt Carol.

I miss you so much and will always always love you.



Gabby Annunziata

Age 11

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