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For this next story I have to direct you to another site.

See, I have this site hosted with a company called Wix.

And for whatever reason, they've decided to elminate

the ability to add more then one picture to a blog post at a time.

It makes absolutely no sense and I'm really kind of pissed about it.

Their message boards are flooded with complaints and they don't seem

to be doing anything about it.

So I set up a secondary site at

I will continue to use this site as the main platform for my

Don't Make a Fuss stories, but occasionally I'll post things

at the second blogspot site.

Don't worry, all the stories will originate here.

Just every once in a while I'll included a link to the other page. this one for instance:

So if you'd like to read the story about Pixie, click that link or

Sorry for the inconvenine​ce.

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