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This next story comes from Tierney Vogel.

Tierney is not only a long time friend of the family, but she is the daughter of my mom's oldest and dearest friend Cheryl. the way, that's not Tierney in the above picture. That's my brother's daughter Victoria...

However, I can honestly say that I knew both Tierney and her sister when they were "this high".....and damn that makes me feel old....

Anyway, here's Tierney's story and it's a perfect example of the"job interview / Law and Order interrogation" style of conversation that my mom was famous for.


I check this site every time Carol crosses my mind.

It always makes me smile to remember definitely

doesn't feel like she's really gone.

The story I have to share might not even be a story,

but it's a strong memory I have and it stands out in my mind.

When I was in college in Connecticut, Carol accompanied my mom on a day trip to visit me. We went out to lunch at Ruby Tuesdays, with my boyfriend at the time.

(I can't remember Carol being picky about the food... But I'm pretty sure she did NOT

get a salad from the salad Ruby Tuesdays! That is what they are known for.)

I do remember Carol asking me all kinds of questions about my then-boyfriend, right in front of him. Like if I thought he was "the one" and if we were going to get married.

More specifically, "Tee, (her name for me) What do you think. Is he the one?"

"I don't know Carol..."

"But Tee. Are you going to marry him?"

She would go on and on and ask you the most uncomfortable questions on the planet, but you couldn't help but love her for it. My mom probably started picking on her for talking so much and Carol started excusing herself by talking about how she was born without the ability to think before she spoke.

"I don't know, like don't most people have filters that tell them when not to say things? Because I think I was born without that. I never think before I say anything I don't have that function. It just comes out. Tee, does that ever happen to you? So it's not my fault it's just the way I was born. Cher did I tell you what happened with Chris?"

And just like that, her stream of thought would change direction.

That's all I remember from that visit, but it gives me a really great feeling

when I think about it. A few months later, I broke up with the aforementioned boyfriend (maybe he got scared of all the marriage talk at lunch with Carol)

and I took it pretty hard.

I was home in NY at the time, and she drove out to our house and gave

me a doll she had made out of yo yos, to make me feel better.

It was a tremendous comfort, and I still have the doll to this day.

I loved Carol with all my heart... We all did.

I will always consider her part of my family.

Thanks for letting me share that

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