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My Aunt Carol

This next story comes from my cousin David.

I say "cousin" because technically that's what he is, but honestly, he's more like my second brother.

Thanks Dave.


Time is Time… or so they say. When people say time heals all wounds, they may believe that, but I know my family and time is just time.

Since my Aunt’s passing, I have been thinking about what I could write for this blog, but nothing came to me. Well that’s a lie, lots of things came to mind, but I couldn’t figure out how to put it all into one story.

I could tell you all about how Aunt Carol gave me my first car, a 1977 Malibu Classic, bright orange paint, and beige interior, a dream come true for any teenage boy!

Or how Aunt Carol, a Russian Jew, made the very best Lasagna. Yes you Italian blog readers believe it because it’s TRUE!

How about every, and I mean every Thanksgiving, Aunt Carol would make these cheesecake cupcakes topped with blueberry and cherry gelatinous goop.

She would place them on the bottom rack in her 1970s sea foam green refrigerator found in the basement of her Long Island home.

Mikey and I would secretly devour that goop, getting high on sugar and very near a diabetic coma. Well after dinner was served, Aunt Carol would ask one of us to bring dessert up from the basement. Well, that was the walk of shame, knowing we were about to get bit by one of Pavlov’s dogs foaming at the mouth when the bell rung. We took our punishment like men, only conspiring to repeat the feat year after year.

These are just a few examples of the genius of Aunt Carol.

Here’s what this story real boils down to...

I had the privilege of being her only nephew, but really I was her third son! Our family was blessed with two rocks, Carol and Tess (as only Carol could put it). In my eyes, my mom had three sons and so did my Aunt Carol because Carol and Tess were really one spirit existing in two bodies.

While you are probably wondering about our dads, they were there, but our moms gave us the “safe place” to go to when we needed it.

They are two of the strongest people I know.

My Aunt’s life wasn’t the easiest, but I am thankful her death was.

This blog only substantiates the stamp she made on life, in life and about life, where time is time. You were all more than blessed just to have known her.

Just imagine the blessing of being her “nephew.”



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